CLEARER is a 7 step Wealth Management Program designed to make our Clients financially bulletproof. We start with a Discovery session that helps us to understand who you are, your background, whats important to you, and what you are looking to achieve in life and business. We follow up with a financial planning session where we craft out a bespoke plan to help you get where you want to be. Implementation sessions follow taking care of the saving, investing and protecting elements of your plan and we cap it off with an estate plan designed to pass it all on to the next generation safely and tax efficiently. We are with you every step of the way to help you stay on course. 

Clearer from Wilcocks & Wilcocks

Who It’s For
We work with 3 types of Entrepreneurs. Those with no plan, a bad plan, or the wrong plan. Most have one eye on a sale or their retirement, and typically have lost track on what their investments and pensions are worth, the charges they are paying, where their money is invested, and what returns they are getting. They are also typically in the dark as to how it’s all going to play out in retirement, the financial risks that are present in their private and professional lives, and how it’s all going to pass to their beneficiaries safely and tax efficiently.

How We Help
Solving all of the big financial issues for you as a busy Entrepreneur, using our CLEARER program, helping you to plan, invest and live better. We understand that your personal and professional lives are often intertwined, so we deliver a comprehensive range of services and support, alongside a cohesive strategy that incorporates all aspects of your life. We listen carefully to understand your aspirations, objectives and what’s really important to you. We listen first, plan second and then we implement. We are there for you every step of the way to ensure you stay on course.

We Are Different
Most financial advisers and wealth managers tend to focus on financial products, particularly investments. We take care of all that but our main initial focus is on you, and in linking your goals and values with your money. On the money piece, we deploy clever portfolio design, clever diversification, and clever management of costs, with science and evidence-based Investing that will enhance your wealth. And with investments that work, and without taking excessive risk, you can spend more time on with the things that matter
most in your life. We take away the hassle of wealth management, keeping you informed and in control.