wilcocks & wilcocks history


Ovatus 1 & 11

168 units (Tower 1) and 530 units (Tower 11)

Real estate proposition developed with the Brothers first acquisition a £3.25M commercial building and adjacent land that was passed by Liverpool City Council in 2017. Ovatus 1 and 11 are now set to be developed into 698 residential apartments at the gateway to the city.


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Assets and investment funds held under management pass through the £50M barrier and firm is rebranded to Wilcocks & Wilcocks.


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Index based investing with tilts to small cap and value markets

Proven to work over 6 decades by Nobel Prize Winning Economists 

Bought into the Dimensional evidence-based investing philosophy leaning on 6 decades of academic research and nobel prize winning theory.


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Our very own crystal ball... 

Go through 4 decades of retirement, and never run out of money (Blue is good Red is bad) Want to take a look?

Lifestyle Financial Planning and cashflow forecasting added to the IFA service proposition to enhance value to client base.


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We are AIPW qualified 

We took on the additional responsibility of advising with a full suite of estate planning solutions including wills, post death and lifetime trusts, and powers of attorney

Firm qualifies after 2 years of dedicated extended training and qualifications via APS Legal to advise on legal estate planning matters


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Robert Wilcocks in 2009

Back in 2009 we broke away from networks, and became IFA's

Wilcocks & Associates Ltd formed as an IFA following Martin and Roberts collective 24 years in banking and investment management.