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The Power of Markets

This video explains how security prices are set and change based on collective knowledge of buyers and sellers.  Armed with this information investors can be more confident about the power of the financial markets. 

Our investment portfolios harness the collective power of every expert working in global investment market to provide investors with positive, real returns over the long term.

Eugene Fama on Modern Finance.

Nobel Laureate and University of Chicago Booth Professor, Eugene Fama talks about the evolution of modern finance.

A Dummy's Guide To Smart Beta - Series

At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we adopt an approach to investing that is similar to Smart Beta.  Smart Beta is a relatively new name for a concept that has been around and implemented in various guises for decades. As a concept it can be tricky to understand.  This video series explains the approach to investing and gives a balanced opinion as to its merits.

Passive Investing Theory - Series

Wilcocks & Wilcocks' Smart Beta sits somewhere between Passive and Active investing.  This four part series explains the intellectual foundations of the 'passive' approach to investing.                                 


"Where are all the billionaires?...and why should we care?" 

In this Ted talk, Victor Haghani poses the question "Where are all the billionaires?". An ex-hedge fund manager, his experience in the failure of Long Term Capital Management led him to change his beliefs about active investing in favour of using lower cost index funds instead.  Haghani suggests a new approach to investing, one that is 1/10 the cost that many investors currently pay, but which is more reliable than active management, and indeed, is proven to work. This 'active index investing' approach is in line with the investment philosophy of W&W, and indeed is what we have been championing for years. If you have money invested in active or mutual funds, or if you have discretionary stockbrokers or hedge funds managing your money, Haghani's experience is one you should really listen to and learn from. This engaging 12 minute TED talk makes this complex subject easy to understand. 


Stock Market History: A Crash Course For Investors

This independently produced 8-part series looks at the history of the stock market and provides insight into some of the lessons investors can take from the past and implement when investing today. 

Part 1: Introduction


Part 2: Be Realistic 

PART 4: forget timing

Part 5: Keep it simple

Part 7: Do nothing 

part 6: Diversify, Diversify, Diversify 

part 8: recap

Martin Wilcocks: The Wilcocks Evidence Based Investing Model

Part 1 - The Model 

Part 2 - £274K added to a £500K portfolio