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The following information shares the detail behind our core belief system and the structure that underpins our investment advice. 

Follow the Markets & Ignore the Forecasters

The image below shows UK FTSE All Share, UK Value, & UK Small Cap market returns, dating back to 1956

market returns 1956 - 2014

The Weight of Evidence 

Investing using our methodology works. What we do is underpinned by Nobel Prize winning research. 

evidence_1_weight of evidence passive vs active.jpg


All of the evidence available points to active investment management failing in over 88% of cases as proven by the Cass Business School & University of London. As an investor you can beat 88% of active managers by simply buying an index fund and sticking with it. The first element to our proposition is to use index funds to invest into UK, Global and Emerging Stock Markets. 

evidence_7_small cap.png

Small Cap

Over 6 decades of academic research, carried out by Nobel prize winning Economists points to small cap stocks outperforming main indices. The second element to our investment portfolio's is to tilt to small cap in each market. We deploy Institutional class funds - investing into the entire small cap markets in the UK, Globally and again in the Emerging world.  



The data also show that further enhancements to returns can be secured by also tilting portfolios to value stocks. So we do this too as our third element. Our clients therefore end up with a portfolio comprising 9 equity funds. The entire UK, Global and Emerging Indexes plus the tilts to Small Cap and Value within each market. We believe in our investment solution and you will too.

Dodge The Bullet 

In the video below Rob Wilcocks talks around and explains the biggest mistake people make when investing.

Save £287,000.00 in fees over 15 Years

Martin Wilcocks explains how stripping 2% of fees out of a £500K portfolio can add just under £300K to your account.