"We set the business up so we could be impartial. We wanted to be different and deliver value; to love the work we do. Our goal is to build a family business to be proud of". 
robert wilcocks & martin wilcocks
Martin J. Wilcocks DipFA AIPW

about martin

Martin Wilcocks is an award winning Financial Advisor who has been advising business owners since 1998. He has been featured in a BBC debate on the state of long-term care in the UK and featured in the Times and Telegraph as one of the top 1% of Independent Financial Advisers operating in 2015 and 2016. 

He works with Entrepreneurs and specialises in using the Wilcocks CLEARER framework for holistic wealth management. He is also a specialist at raising debt and equity capital for businesses, skills he used to mastermind and lead the Wilcocks Brothers first foray into significant real estate - when he purchased an existing commercial building and land for £3.250 Million in April 2016 and is now set to build Liverpool's tallest residential towers - Ovatus - a £151M GDV project that was granted planning permission in April 2017. 

a note from martin

I am a Director at Wilcocks & Wilcocks and my role involves advising clients, overseeing sales and marketing, and generally driving the business forwards. I am registered with FCA as a CF1 Director, and CF30 regulated adviser. See FCA register    

I am proud of our practice and the clarity and value this delivers to our clients. I am equally proud of how we have challenged the status quo of the UK fund management industry, resulting in Evidence Based Investing being at our core.

professional achievements

I joined Barclays Bank in 1989 as a Junior Clerk and progressed through the ranks, ultimately winning Barclays' coveted Top New Financial Adviser Award, after my first 12 months as an Adviser in 1999. After 4 great years at Barclays Life, I was re-appointed to Barclays Bank as a Premier Banking Manager - a role I never thought I would leave - but I did after 14 years in 2003, but my greatest achievement has been in building my own wealth management business with Robert.

Between 2010 and 2012 I studied for my estate planning license with APS Legal. I knew this added ability and qualification would serve our clients very well. As a result of my Asset Protection Work I was contacted by and featured on a live debate on the BBC.

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Martin Wilcocks, Liverpool
Robert P. Wilcocks DipFA AIPW

about robert

Robert has been voted in the Top 1% of UK Financial Advisers by Vouched For, the independent review site for professional services firms. He has been featured in publications including The Times, The Telegraph and Mail on Sunday.

He is also a Registered Life Planner and has been nicknamed "The Philosophical Adviser". He works with clients with matching or complimentary core values. He specialises in using the CLEARER model to bring life, financial and investment planning together. This helps his clients achieve the old English definition of wealth: the condition of well-being, whether personal, professional, environmental, social or financial.

Robert believes the future of financial advice in the UK is one where advisers act with a fiduciary duty to clients, helping wealthy clients bridge any gap between monetary wealth and the old English definition of True Wealth.

a note from robert

Along with Martin, I head up the Wilcocks & Wilcocks team and we are jointly responsible for the management and strategic development of our business. I am registered with FCA as a CF1 Director, CF10 Compliance, and CF30 regulated adviser. See FCA register    

professional achievements

Building a successful wealth management business out of a recession and personally leading our expansion into London in 2014. I believe we have built one of the most client-centric financial planning firms in the UK as evidenced by our commitment to (and public advocacy of) Evidence Based Investing, as well as our extremely high and independently ranked client advocacy scores.

I’m proud of how Martin and I have built this business together as brothers (without too much arguing!), including the can-do team that we are slowly but surely building. We are all absolutely focused on our vision to be the leading independently owned adviser to high net worth individuals in the North West and London over the next 5 years.

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Robert Wilcocks, London

Behind every good Adviser lies a great support team - full of talent, energy and commitment. We are very lucky to have found such a team.
— Martin & Robert Wilcocks, Founding Partners

Richard Allum

Head of Technical

Chartered Wealth Manager

Certified Financial Planner

Accredited Paraplanner

On a day-to-day basis, I use my technical knowledge and experience to help clients as part of their financial planning advice. I also manage the paraplanning team. I have been told I am one of the pioneers of Paraplanning in UK. Which is nice. I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) by design, and have a lifelong interest in technology and cash-flow forecasting that continues to this day. I am pleased to say I am regularly called upon by the press to provide expert opinion on planning and technical matters, which helps me spread the benefits of paraplanning for client-focused financial planners.


Being the first paraplanner elected to the Board of the Institute of Financial Planning.

Kim Bendall

Paraplanning Manager



Chartered FinancialPlanner

Certified Financial Planner

Fellow of the PFS

Following a career in accountancy, I joined the financial services industry in 2000. Since then I've worked as both an Independent Financial Adviser and a Paraplanner. As a result of this experience, I believed I have an instinctive understanding of the ways in which advisers and paraplanners can work alongside each other to help people make sense of their money. I was named Paraplanner of the Year in the 2013 Professional Adviser Awards - and I hold both the Certified Financial Planner (CM) and Accredited Paraplanner status from the Institute of Financial Planning, as well as being a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.


After many years of hard work and late nights burning the midnight oil, becoming one of the highest qualified financial planners in the UK.

Gemma Dennis

Operations & Administration




I head up the operations and administration service. My responsibilities range from client management to working with third parties to ensure all appropriate and relevant data and information is available to enable the advisers and paraplanners to carry out research, analysis and make recommendations on cases. In addition to this, I work with the paraplanning team to implement investment strategies; building model portfolios for clients once advisers have given instructions, and supporting annual client reviews.


Leaving my old job and setting up a Financial Services Administration Service company before being asked to integrate this into a larger firm.

Claire Goodwin


PFS Diploma

(Nearly Chartered)

Accredited Paraplanner

I am an IFP-accredited paraplanner, which means I know a thing or two about financial planning! I am constantly developing and keeping my technical skills up to date. I began in financial services in the 1990's by working for a major insurance company, before progressing to work closely with financial advisers and planners. Thanks to my work with cash flow modelling, I have seen first-hand the reassurance that clients feel from taking control of their financial future. Being part of the team that helps deliver that reassurance is one of the main reasons I am a paraplanner. The profession of paraplanning is something that I am committed to and I have been involved in running and promoting best practice events for fellow paraplanners throughout the UK. I have also been a speaker at conferences for both the Personal Finance Society (PFS) and Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI).


Running and helping others to run their own Paraplanner Powwows. These are professional development events aimed at helping our community by sharing ideas. I really enjoy this because it's great to see the positive attitude of other paraplanners from around the UK and their willingness to help their peers. Organising and running events is not something you'd usually see in our job description and it's a great way to expand your skill set whilst learning even more about your job. 

Colin Stewart


Chartered FinancialPlanner

Certified Financial Planner

Accredited Paraplanner

I am a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Paraplanner with a PFS Diploma. I began my career in a business development role with Scottish Life back in 2000. It was while I was at Scottish Life that I first worked with paraplanners based in customers’ businesses and realised that paraplanning was a role that really appealed to me. Since then, I haven’t looked back really! I feel have established myself within my profession and have had the benefit of experiencing a variety of different roles within paraplanning. I have worked in different businesses, ranging from smaller financial planning practices right through to a national IFAs, and a private bank.


Becoming a Certified Financial Planning professional (at the same time as raising an infant!)