Our Clients

The following videos and written testimonials from our clients share their real life stories on how we have added value.

Mark Foster

Managing Partner

Fosters Lawyers

Mary Elson

Retired / Still Busy

Higher Penley

Martin Best

Chief Executive Officer

Document Direct Ltd

Hugh McAuley

Ex Professional Footballer


Frank Brennan

Managing Director

Safety Lane Ltd

Fergal O'Cleirigh

Head of Property & Partner

Bermans Solicitors

Collin Doran

Managing Director

Solutions in Service Ltd

Balazs Horvath

Managing Director


Nigel Lacey


Oxford Products

Dr Richard Azurdia

Private Consultant & Dermatologist

Liverpool NHS

Adam Mullin

Managing Partner

Solutions in Service Ltd

Hugh McAuley

Ex Professional Footballer


Written Testimonials

Martin has supported us for over 10 years. He is the consummate professional who has always delivered, on behalf of myself and my business partner Joe Dwek CBE.
— Roy Kenny, Managing Director, VVHC Ltd

I was looking for a long-term adviser who could keep me up to date with pensions, investments etc. Essentially, to keep track of what I have, future earnings and to help invest wisely. Rob is a breath of fresh air, explains things properly, with no sales pressure at all. His advice has saved me plenty, and enabled me to track what I have.
— Ross Baigent Founder & Director, Cataclean Global
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Martin provided me with my own SIPP and gave very good advice on how to fund it through my company to save Corporation Tax. I got more than what I expected.
— Adam Mullin, Managing Director, Solutions In Service

Martin protected the shareholdings in our business so that on death the monetary value of the shares pass to our families, whilst the actual shares stay in the business.
— Graham Withe, Founder, Webtise Group

Martin is exceptionally accurate in everything that he says and does, I cannot find fault whatsoever with his advice and I trust him absolutely in his judgement.
— Andrew Thompson FCA, Chartered Accountant, Kenilworth Associates

We would like to thank Martin for the financial plan that we continue to work on with him, as it allows us to look ahead into the future and understand how things will work out.
— Nigel Lacey, Castle Clothing
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We know exactly how much money we need to build within our financial plan to achieve our future goals.
— Collin Doran, Managing Partner, Solutions in Service Ltd
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Martin created a plan that allowed me to buy my Ferrari FF, and achieve a lifelong ambition to take part in the Gumball 3000 Rally, driving over 2000 miles from Riga to Mykonos in 2017.
— Craig Blackwell, Managing Director, Prospect Capital
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We insured our business shareholdings through Martin, and we have a trust between us, that allows the four of us who own and run the company, to buy each other’s shares on death, or illness, which is very important for the company to keep control, but also for our families, who receive the value of each shareholding as a lump sum.
— Steve Dunn, Managing Director, Bespoke Furniture Cheshire Ltd
steve dunn.png
If anything happens to either Jon or me, Tag would struggle to make its profits. Thats why we arranged a key person plan that gives us 2 years profit as a cash sum if we are ill, or if the worst happens. We’ve also covered the shares and our directors loan account. Working with Martin has been a great move for us.
— Jeff Arnold, Director, Tag Scaffolding
Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 14.10.40.png
Our shares pass back into the company, whilst our wives Emma and Sarah get the cash value for them, if Adam or me die. It’s not something you think about, but to increase the value of the business these things need sorting.
— Collin Doran, Managing Partner, Solutions in Service Ltd
collin doran.png

Frank Brennan,
Director, Safety Layne Investments & Safety Lane Accounting

Always happy to deal with Rob and Martin, they do what they say they are going to do. Our relationship goes back to 2000 -  they are personable and experts in their field. 

Hilary Walker
(Retired Civil Servant &  world's best Ultra Distance runner)

I contacted Robert as I was about to retire and needed to spend savings on house renovation. I needed advice on the best use of release of funds for the renovation and sorting pensions out together with future income. He provided very useful advice and tax savings. Thus far, so far so good!


Maz Elson
Retired Editor

Rob Wilcocks has been a fantastic advisor. I am not good at organising my financial affairs and need the help of an advisor I can trust. I particularly appreciate his proactive approach.He does not wait to be contacted but keeps a close eye on my affairs and makes sensible recommendations if he feels that improvements could be made. He has stopped me making hasty decisions and I feel confident that he is giving me advice that is appropriate for my circumstances and in my best interests. I have been very happy with Rob's approach to the management of my affairs.

Paul White
Managing Director, APH Accountants

I was looking to work with a Financial Advisor who was trustworthy and knowledge enough to deal with my business clients. Martin ticks all the boxes on both counts coupled with a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

Robert has also dealt with a number of clients financial planning needs who have given me excellent feedback on his services and have been delighted with the introduction.



Helen Jones
Director, UCB

I wanted some help, advice and support on how to manage my finances generally. I have a property portfolio, various pensions, and I knew I could be more efficient at organising the way my finances were allocated but I didn't know how to do it. Robert helped me to organise my mortgages more efficiently, helping me to better invest some of the capital released in a savings plan and not only this I am now paying less and saving more. I had a suspicion this could be a solution but Robert was the brains behind the structure. I have complete clarity about my plan from now present day moving into the future.


Andy Mclintock
Investment Director, The UK Manufacturing Accelerator: Venture Capital & Private Equity Investor

Rob Understands my financial goals and what level of risk I'm willing to take to get there. His evidenced based investment approach to equities is particularly compelling, as it lays out in simple terms the nature, benefits and potential returns of index / asset class investing. This makes it easy to select the necessary equity strategy for the immediate period but also gives clarity to when I should be looking to re-allocate my funds in the future in line with my goals. The evidence based investment means that it takes personality, fund manager changes etc out of my financial planning equation, which is a huge benefit.


Matthew Hyam
Partner, Berrymans Lace Mawer (BLM Law)

Robert instilled confidence that the products he recommended best suited my needs. He is a consummate professional who provides a transparent and friendly service.

Chris Moss Managing Director - ISTIDAMA LTD

I would have no hesitation on recommending Martin to friends and business associates alike. I have known him for over 20 years. He is genuine, trustworthy and a true professional.


Keith Bradley
Founder & Director, K. Bradley Construction & Conversions

My 2 pensions were going giving me a very bad return, weren't looking good for ten years time, when i will be needing the cash and so i decided to look for advice. Rob came to see me at first. I was tentative - but he gave me time to think, and we went through things a few more times until i was happy to sign my stuff over. I've been delighted with the service and performance but he does need to support a better football team !

Mark Weklawek

I was looking for professional advice on my finances and was recommended Robbie as a trusted associate of a colleague. Rob offered the relevant guidance to me in how best to structure, and plan my future finances - an area I am lacking in - and was absolutely delivered on the outcomes I was hoping for.


Danny Buck
CEO - CIRCULAR (A now backed Kickstarter brand )

A very knowledgeable, approachable and likeable professional. I would recommend Robert to anyone looking for financial advice.

Mark Dunn
Head of Discretionary Sales at Franklin Templeton Investments

I would be happy to recommend Martin and Robert. My experience is that they are very thorough and professional. I like the fact that the firm were very early adapters of the wealth management model and the focus always seems to be on delivery for clients.


Adam Mullin
Managing Partner, Solutions in Service Ltd

Martin provided me with my own SIPP and also an idea on how to fund it through my company funds to save corporation tax. I got more than what I expected. Very good advice.

Mark Malone

I needed to group together old pension plans that I hadn't looked at for some time and Martin put them into a new sipp pension for me. I'm now in control with online access and I am pleased with the results.


Robert Issler
Risons Estates Ltd, Manchester

My investment portfolio needed attention as I had too many funds in too many areas. I had lost track on where my portfolio was invested and the costs that were being charged. I am very confident in how my portfolio has been restructured and Martin was excellent. 

Ceri Baker

Comprehensive, personalised advice. Martin is enthusiastic and patient.


Mary Elson
Higher Penley

My husband and I were approaching retirement and didn't think we were knowledgeable enough to make our money work in the best way for us. Martin and Rob carefully looked at our situation and our aspirations and advised us accordingly. They are always approachable, friendly and kind. Rob arranges regular update meetings and comes up with things without me having to ask. My husband sadly died shortly after he retired, I felt confident that my finances were in good hands and that Martin and Rob would help with any worries I might have, which indeed they have.

James Quilty
Managing Director, Kelsall Services Ltd, Cheshire

We arranged wills with a business trust and powers of attorney. I suggest Martins services to other business people. He is always thinking ahead and he encourages me to think big.

Stephen Lacey.png

Stephen Lacey

Martin gave me sound and simple investment advice.

John Woodward

Compared to other advisers I discussed the matter with it was clear Martin was going to be my best option.

testimonial-main-img (1).png

Michael Collins
Managing Director, NAAP Ltd, Southport

I own and manage my own business and wanted a plan to sell it to support me in retirement. He created a financial plan that showed me the cost of meeting our lifestyle needs later on in life. This has guided me on how much I need to sell for and I have a clear understanding of the numbers.

Sarah Evans

Martin was recommended by my Accountant and lived up to expectation.


Jon Taylor

Martin was quick to understand the areas in which we needed advice. Without his support, knowledge, and experience the correct products may not have been identified. We couldn't thank Martin enough for his time and the fact that he took personal ownership and pride in making sure we were happy with the outcome. 

David Tournafond

I needed investment advice. By working out my risk tolerances and setting up my investment portfolio accordingly Martin delivered a very sound portfolio that I am confident with. He is very professional and makes the complex uncomplex.


Chris Moss
Managing Director, EcoMech Ltd

I had old pensions and no idea how much they were worth or what they were due to give me. He showed me what they would likely pay,  when I hit 60. He also showed me where they invested and the costs and charges. I now have a simple pension that costs less and performs better. 

Christopher Just

I am a trustee of a disability injury trust and required sensible investment advice. Martin has a belief in using a certain system that I have also bought into. I am confident that my Trustee responsibility to invest appropriately and my duties in this regard have been satisfied. 


Joyce Lacey

I wanted to put my house into a trust for my children. I was very impressed with the advice. Martin was very knowledgeable and handled the work quickly. 


Man Wai Chan
Sino Swan Ltd

Martin explain in detail each step that needed to be taken and rang with updates on the process which gave me confidence the was dealing with our application professionally.


Joe Dwek CBE
Penmarric PLC

The results that Martin obtained were to the satisfaction of the Board. The short-term funding has enabled us to complete our project and move forwards.


Jeffrey Arnold
Tag Scaffolding Ltd

What Martin did was good because he forced dates in the diary upfront to go through his various stages from the financial plan to how to invest and also the risk and estate planning parts that we also needed. We didn't have wills either and he has sorted everything. I would recommend his services to other business owners as it forces a focus on the important things that need to be dealt with.


Rob Blackwood

Martin has a set way of advising. He has a set view on what route he takes me down and is very confident it works. It gives me confidence in his advice.

Nigel Lacey

I had pensions that hadn't been reviewed for some time and I was worried about the charges. Martin showed me how much everything was worth and where the funds invested and how much they were being charged. His service also reduced the costs and by using his academic approach I now have the potential to get more back at retirement.


Ben Edwards
Senior Manager, APH Accountants

I first contacted Martin, having met a number of other financial advisers, with the intention of finding somebody I knew I could trust to refer clients to. Martin immediately showed me how he could help my clients. I haven't heard anyone say a bad word about Martin, everything he has done for me has been absolutely spot on.

testimonial-main-img (1).png

Mark Willis

I can honestly say there is nothing Martin could have done better. It's a refreshing change to see someone deliver such an exceptional service.